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The environment and the impact humans have on the planet is in the news daily. Whether it be bush fires in Australia, deforestation in the Amazon or flooding here in the UK. More and more people are starting to look at their own lives and how they can make environmentally beneficial changes. For the eco-friendly vaper, there are obvious concerns as vaping creates waste and is not 100% environmentally friendly.
Public Health England (PHE), one of the best sources for well researched, factual information on vaping, have released a new blog post alongside their annual evidence-based review on e-cigarettes>. The post has been written by John Newton >, a supporter of vaping who is keen to promote facts about e-cigarettes and debunk the dodgy research, myths and hearsay that surround vaping.
One small cigarette, how much harm can it do? When most people start smoking at a young age, they never think that a short stick of tobacco could cause them any problems.
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