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E-liquid and EJuice Blog from Red Vape

The overwhelming health message to smokers is that quitting is the best option but given that smoking is notoriously difficult to stop it is easy to see why many smoking are transferring to e-cigarettes as a healthier and cleaner option.
Within this article, I will endeavour to explain what exactly the Tobacco Products Directive is and also highlight the key points that effect e-Cigarettes and e-Liquids. I’ll show you what changes you can expect from a consumer side of things and also the new measures that producers, manufacturers and brands such as Red Vape now have to take to comply fully with the legislation.
As part of our beginner's guide to vaping series, we have tried to create a definitive list of common terminology.
An e-Liquid is the most common name for the liquid that is used in conjunction with e-Cigarettes. All e-Cigarettes use e-Liquids to create the vapour which is inhaled by the user. The vapour is produced by the e-Cigarette heating the liquid. Other names used to describe e-Liquid are e-Juice, Vape (derived from Vapour) and Smoke Juice.
Our series of beginner’s guide’s aims to help those who are new to the world of vaping through the basics of what equipment is needed to get started. We’ll explore e-Liquids more closely, explaining how they are made and what they are made from and also look at how smoking traditional cigarettes compares to vaping.
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