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Reserva  Tobacco 

Our Red Vape Cherry Tobacco E-Liquid uses natural tobacco flavourings from the Dominican Republic tobacco leaf.  We then take smooth vanilla bean extract and ripe red and black cherries and steep the liquid in oak barrels previously used for maturing sherry. The steeping process allows the flavours to develop to create a truly delicious vape.

The Dominican Republic is now the leading producer of tobacco worldwide and the largest importer of cigars to the USA having recently overtaken the Havana cigar.

The area of Santiago is the countries primary producer accounting for 80% of national production. Tobacco production very much follows Cuban principles and is based on their seeds and uses experienced Cuban trained professionals to manage the process. Some people consider Cuban tobacco superior in strength and spice flavour. However, Dominican tobacco with it fuller taste has led to new and exciting possibilities of flavour.

By combining Dominican tobacco with natural ripe cherries and vanilla bean extract we have created an opulent e-Liquid that can be enjoyed all day.

Our Cherryleaf Reserva naturally extracted tobacco E-Liquids (NET) is available in 0mg, 6mg, 12mg and 18mg nicotine strengths.

Tasting Notes

Fruity sweet cherry flavours come through well and combine with a rich and full tobacco. A delicious Cherry Tobacco E-Liquid.

Size 30ml
PG/VG Ratio 50/50
Ingredients USP EP Propylene Glycol, USP EP Vegetable Glycerine, Natural Tobacco Flavouring, Natural Cherry & Vanilla Flavouring, USP EP Nicotine.

As the last reviewer said this has a hint of cherry tobacco but the liquid is a more pleasant fruit flavour. It's quite a refreshing aftertaste and you can tell it's taken sometime to get the blend right as the balance between fruit and tobacco is about perfect.


This reminds me of the cherry tobacco I used to get from town when I smoked. Really nice rich cherry flavour, but not to overpowering. If you liked fruit flavour tobaccos you'll love this one for sure!


I wasn't 100% on this liquid to start with after trying it when it first arrived, I left it for three weeks and came back to it yesterday and it's fab. I'm now tasting the fruity cherry which works really well with the strong tobacco. I'm glad I waited to review it as it would have been judged too harshly 3 weeks ago.


Love it, sweet and you can really taste the cherry. One of my favorites from Red Vape.

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Reserva  Tobacco 

  • Product Code: RC30
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  • Volume: 30 ml
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