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Gran Reserva

The Gran Reserva collection from Red Vape is the finest E-Liquid we produce. All our knowledge and expertise has gone into creating this truly luxury E-Liquid that will exceed the expectations of even the most hard to please vaping connoisseur. 

We start with naturally extracted tobacco (NET) from the Brightleaf tobacco variety. Also known as ‘Virginia’ or ‘Golden Virginia’, it is famous for being a milder, lighter and more aromatic variety. The tobacco flavour is extracted using a complex process of cold maturation. No heat is used which results in the tobaccos true flavour being preserved.  We then blend the tobacco extract with finest Robusta coffee flavouring and pure Irish whisky. Finally, the liquid is matured and steeped in French Limousin oak barrels for three months to develop the flavours and create a truly supreme product.

Luxury E-Liquid

Gran Reserva Luxury E-Liquid is available in 12mg and 18mg nicotine strengths and in 30ml bottles.



The Imperius XV Gran Reserva is our finest E-Liquid ever produced. We use natural tobacco flavouring..


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Home to the UK's Luxury e-Liquid brand. Manufactured with the highest quality natural ingredients, crafted in Britain using a complex manufacturing process to create an e-Liquid range that is unrivalled for satisfaction and vaping experience.
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