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Reserva  Tobacco 

The Honeywood, Honey Tobacco E-Liquid. is our take on the classic Brightleaf “Virginia Tobacco” combining one of the world’s most popular tobacco varieties with a beautiful and delicate natural honey flavour. The liquid, once created, is steeped for a month in North American oak barrels that were previously used to mature sherry. This provides a real depth of flavour and helps create a truly memorable and unique vape.

Brightleaf tobacco is typically known "Virginia tobacco" regardless of where in the world it is actually grown. It was created, almost by accident, by a slave named Stephen as he worked as a blacksmith on a tobacco farm in North Carolina. Whilst curing the tobacco, another of his jobs on the farm, he fell asleep in front of the fire. Waking a few hours later he saw the fire had nearly gone out he rushed to restart it by quickly throwing on some charcoal. The fire reignited and the almost immediate burst of heat produced turned the leaves yellow.

The discovery, made in 1839, could not have come at a better time as tobacco farmers, since 1812, had been attempting to cultivate a milder and lighter tobacco to meet changing demands. Farmers had already discovered that planting crops in sandy, less fertile soil produced thinner weaker plants but it wasn’t until Stephens discovery that the curing process was identified that would produce the tobacco required.

Our Honey Tobacco E-Liquid uses naturally extracted tobacco (NET)  and is available in 6mg, 12mg and 18mg nicotine strengths.

Tasting Notes

A lovely smooth vape utilising a mild and light tobacco. Subtle undertones of sweet honey create a beautiful all day Honey Tobacco E-Liquid.

Size 30ml
PG/VG Ratio 50/50
Ingredients USP EP Propylene Glycol, USP EP Vegetable Glycerine, Natural Tobacco Flavouring, USP EP Nicotine.

Smells like Christmas in here. Having tried a few of the other tobacco juices from Red Vape and been very impressed with their quality, this seemed like an obvious next choice. I was initially wary as previous honey-flavoured juices I tried were sickly and had an artificial taste. I agree 100% with the Tasting Notes description. This liquid provides a very smooth vape with a delicious honey aftertaste which is like real honey. You have to pay for quality. This is why these are premium juices. Not cheap to produce. This juice is currently discounted so provides excellent value for money and enables vapers to vape all day at this price rather than vape Red Vape juices on special occasions.
Packaging, bottles and customer service are all excellent.


Really enjoyable liquid with a good, but not overpowering, level of sweetness provided by the honey. Nice and smooth on inhale you're left with the honey flavour for quite a while. I'd give this 4 out of 5 but only because their are others in the Red Vape range i rate more highly.


Got this juice after a friend recommended it. It's a lovely light tobacco with honey and woody undertones. I would say it's ideal for those who enjoy milder tobacco's and want a easy ADV.


Lovely liquid. Tastes like Christmas! Great honey flavour and not overly sweet. Spot on!


I purchased the Honeywood e-liquid after trying a few others from the Red Vape premium range. As normal I love it, the packaging of all RV liquids is the best I've come across. The pricing is a little higher than some other liquids but it feels and tastes like quality. Honeywood gives a nice vape with a light tobacco taste, the honey comes through well and overall this is great easy vape. If you enjoy good tobacco liquids then this is defo worth a try.

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Reserva  Tobacco 

  • Product Code: RH30
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  • Volume: 30 ml
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