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Reserva  Tobacco 

Save up to 20% with our Reserva Sample Pack. 

Not sure which of the Reserva Range of Naturally Extracted Tobacco Eliquids to try? We’ve made the decision-making process that little bit easier by combining all seven delicious juices into one handy sample pack.

The Reserva Sample pack contains one 10ml bottle each of Appleleaf, Perique, Shade, Havano Gold, Havano Dark, Mapacho and Medwakh. By picking our sample pack, you can experience the full range of naturally extracted tobacco e-liquids and also save 20% off our standard selling price.

This pack is the ideal choice if you’re starting out with e-cigarettes and want to try a range of tobacco flavours. It also makes an ideal gift for the vaper in your life. 

What’s In The Box

Appleleaf 10ml - Qty 1:  Our luxurious Appleleaf E-Liquid is the perfect apple tobacco e-liquid combining natural tobacco flavourings, which are derived from the Corojo tobacco variety, with crisp green apples. The liquid is then steeped for a month to develop and enhance the flavours. The sweet, sharp tanginess of the fresh apples elevates the Corojo tobacco to new heights.

Perique 10ml – Qty 1: Perique tobacco is perhaps the strongest variety in terms of flavour and is considered by some to be the truffle of pipe tobaccos. Due to its powerful flavour, it is never used on its own but instead blended with milder varieties, such as Brightleaf, to provide spice and strength to the blend.

Shade 10ml – Qty 1: The Reserva Shade E-Liquid uses naturally derived North American Shade Tobacco flavourings. The liquid is then steeped for a month which creates a crisp, medium strength tobacco vape which is pleasantly smooth on the inhale and exhale.

Havano Gold 10ml - Qty 1: Havano gold is an expertly blended combination of two naturally extracted Corojo tobaccos. We take naturally derived Cuban Corojo and mix this with South Honduran pure Corojo from the famous Jamastran Valley.  

Havano Dark 10ml – Qty 1: Our Havano Dark uses natural tobacco flavourings (NET) which are derived from the Dominican Criollo variety. The result is a cigar-like taste that is unmatched for taste and quality.

Medwakh 10ml – Qty 1: Tobacco flavouring derived from the middle-eastern Dokha tobacco variety. A rich, powerful and multi-layered flavour profile with spicy, earthy undertones. A satisfying, smooth and decadent experience the tobacco enthusiast will love.

Mapacho 10ml – Qty 1: Red Vape’s Mapacho e-liquid uses naturally extracted Mapacho tobacco which grows wild in the jungles of Peru. A rich tobacco variety offering a subtle sweetness and creamy flavour. Mapacho is a decadent vape for the tobacco aficionado.

Size 70ml (10ml x 7)
PG/VG Ratio 50/50
Ingredients Propylene Glycol, Vegetable Glycerine, Tobacco Flavouring, Nicotine, Other flavourings

Purchased as a present for my partner this Xmas after he recently quit smoking. Great selection of tobacco liquids all of which is liked. We've already bought more Appleleaf and Havano Dark.


My wife purchased the Reserva Trial pack for me as a Xmas present. I've recently quit smoking and am experimenting a lot with new liquids and flavours. So far, the Reserva liquids are a cut above everything else I've tried. These were my first NET's and the difference between standard tobacco's is amazing. The Havano Gold stood out for me and this is the one I've ordered more of but I'd recommend any of them. Worth the money.

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