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Reserva  Tobacco 

The Reserva Shade E-Liquid uses naturally derived North American Shade Tobacco flavourings. The liquid is then steeped for a month which creates a crisp, medium strength tobacco vape which is pleasantly smooth on the inhale and exhale.

Shade tobacco or Connecticut Shade is grown only in the Connecticut River Valley, also known as Tobacco Valley. Shade tobacco is cultivated under the cover of cheese cloth tents which protect the plants from direct sunlight and insects whilst also increasing the temperature and creating a hot and humid environment for the tobacco to grow in.  The results of this growing technique are longer, thinner and suppler leaves with extremely small veins. When the leaves are aged and cured they turn golden brown and oily with a more delicate structure.

Shade tobacco leaves are used as wrapping for some of the world’s finest cigars. As cigar smoking declined and cigarettes increased in popularity the production of Shade decreased dramatically. However, in recent years the renaissance of cigar smoking and the use of this exquisite tobacco as flavouring for quality e-Liquids has led to an increase in production. We’re sure that once you've tried our Shade blend you will agree that can only be a good thing.

Our Shade E-Liquid uses naturally extracted tobacco liquid and is available in 3mg, 6mg, 12mg and 18mg nicotine strengths.

Tasting Notes

A smooth vape using a medium strength tobacco provide a deliciousauthentic taste that will keep you coming back for more.

Size 10ml
PG/VG Ratio 50/50
Ingredients Propylene Glycol, Vegetable Glycerine, Tobacco Flavouring, Nicotine, Other flavourings

Shade Reserva was part of my first Order. Online reviews of this range were overwhelmingly positive so it was difficult to choose one. This seemed most appropriate to my needs . It provides a very smooth and tasty vape .
Like a quality cigar. Remarkable quality juice from this very impressive company.
I'm very much looking forward to trying the Honeywood and the intriguing Imperious XV.


A perfect tobacco e liquid, full of flavour that tastes like real cigars. 5 stars :-)


If you choose your liquids based on flavour rather than cloud production then this liquid is awesome, if you're looking for big clouds then look elsewhere. I've tried a few Red Vape juices now and all of them are good. You don't normally get this level of consistency in a brand, these boys have clearly done their homework.


This is certainly one of my favourite tobacco vapes along with Havano Dark and Havano Gold. Full marks again guys! Great liquid!


Perfect tobacco liquid, tastes like a top quality cigar.

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  • Volume: 10 ml
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