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Gran Reserva  Tobacco 

The Imperius XV Gran Reserva is our finest E-Liquid ever produced. We use natural tobacco flavourings from the Brightleaf “Virginia” tobacco variety which is grown in Suffolk, USA. This is then combined with fresh Robusta coffee extract and mixed with pure Irish whisky. The Eliquid is then steeped in Bourbon, Sherry and Whisky oak cask barrels for a three month period of time to enhance and develop the flavours. Enjoy the full-flavour of this delectable blend of tobacco, fresh coffee and Irish whisky.

Only the highest quality natural ingredients have been sourced and used to produce this luxury Irish Coffee E-Liquid, crafted with care especially for the connoisseur. 

The Brightleaf tobacco variety is one of our favourites as it offers a lighter, milder and smoother vape than many other tobaccos. We've found that it works especially well when combined with certain natural flavours and we offer what we consider to be the best two blends in our Gran Reserva and Reserva ranges.

If you love this E-Liquid then look out for our Honeywood variety. This also uses Brightleaf tobacco combined with delicious natural honey flavourings. 

Our Imperius XV Gran Reserva Luxury E-Liquid is available in 12mg and 18mg nicotine strengths.

Tasting Notes

A rich and complex tobacco based Coffee E-Liquid delivering a solid throat hit with a silky smooth after taste. The height of decadence.

PG/VG Ratio50/50
IngredientsUSP EP Propylene Glycol, USP EP Vegetable Glycerine, Natural tobacco flavouring, Natural Robusta Coffee Extract, Irish Whisky, USP EP Nicotine.

Really great flavour. Works better in a sub ohm tank, but if you have a decent set up you'll really enjoy this one.


Don't normally bother with reviews but felt I should with Imperious. I vape mainly tobacco eliquids and use a not very flash 50W Pegasus Mini most of the time. I've tried a lot of liquids and like most people had my fair share of good and bad, the imperious has to be amongst the very best. The whisky and coffee flavours really come through and you get a nice throat hit. I've had mine just over three weeks now and I think it's getting better with age.


This liquid was recommended to me a while ago by a friend who swore by it, I ignored him as at the time I was very happy chuffing away on some fruity concoction which now makes me feel sick thinking about. I got bored to the back teeth with all the gimmicky flavours and so thought I'd give this a bash.
Imperius has to be the best liquid I've tried (although possibly the competition wasn't that stiff). The flavours are immense and you can really taste the whisky and the coffee. Throat hit is good, aftertaste is good, everything about this juice is good.


Best tobacco juice I've tried, I can taste the coffee and whisky and the quality of the tobacco comes through. Good work RV.


Another great liquid from Red Vape. This liquid has been matured in French Oak barrels for three months. The natural tobacco flavouring mixed with a fresh coffee extract and Irish whisky gives a solid solid hit with a smooth aftertaste.

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Gran Reserva  Tobacco 

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  • Volume: 30 ml
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