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Urban Sky

From the towers of London to the bright lights of Tokyo; Urban Sky high VG e liquid (70 vg 30 pg)  brings you five enchanting flavours from around the globe. Brought to you by Red Vape, the UK’s leading gourmet e-liquid brand.

Urban Sky London

Urban Sky London

Urban Sky 'London' Summer Berries is a high vg e liquid (70 vg 30 pg) that perfectly blends luscious..


Urban Sky New York

Urban Sky New York

What could be better than Banana Custard! Urban Sky 'New York' is a high vg e liquid (70 vg 30 pg) t..


Urban Sky Paris

Urban Sky Paris

Urban Sky 'Paris' is a high vg e liquid (70 vg 30 pg) combining sweet and delicious Pineapple with t..


Urban Sky Tokyo

Urban Sky Tokyo

Urban Sky 'Tokyo' delivers big on clouds and big on vapour. This high vg e liquid (70 vg 30 pg) comb..


Urban Sky Dubai

Urban Sky Dubai

Sit back and relax in your own cloudy creation with Urban Sky 'Dubai'. This Tropical Fruit flav..


Urban Sky Sample Pack

Urban Sky Sample Pack

Our Urban Sky sample pack brings together all five delicious flavours in the range in one handy, mon..


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High VG E Liquid (70 vg 30 pg)

With a cloudy, high VG ratio, these liquids produce silky clouds of smooth, decadent vapour.

Crafted in Great Britain using all-natural ingredients with a focus on quality, taste and experience. Free from artificial preservatives or colourings, a pure sensation of vaping at it’s finest.

Urban Sky high vg e liquids are available in 3mg and 6mg nicotine strengths. Presented in TPD compliant 10ml packaging, created to the highest possible standards in a state of the art, UK based, e-liquid production facility.

What are High VG E Liquids?

Our Urban Sky range are high VG e liquids that are big on flavour and big on clouds. There are five delicious liquids in the range, and each one has been carefully crafted by our vaping experts.

But……What does it mean when we describe Urban Sky as a High VG e liquids? Read on to find out.

70 vg 30 pg High VG E Liquid

What is VG?

VG or Vegetable Glycerine is one of four key components that you will find in the majority of e-liquids. The other three ingredients being Propylene Glycol (PG), Nicotine and Flavourings.

VG and PG are what’s known as carrier bases, and they essentially do the same job, just in a slightly different way.

Both VG and PG are odourless and colourless. They are organic compounds, which essentially means they contain carbon and are part of the alcohol chemical class.

Both PG and VG have been used for many years in food, medicine and beauty products and are therefore known to be safe for human consumption.

Within an e-liquid, the job of VG and PG is to carry the flavourings from a liquid state into a vapour state as your ecig heats the e-liquid. Without the carrier bases being present in an e-liquid, you’d have a pretty unsatisfying, flavourless vaping experience.

Almost all e-liquids use a combination on VG and PG in varying ratios as they perform their jobs as a carrier slightly differently. Using different ratios, therefore, gives an e-liquid different properties and provides a different type of vape.

What’s the Benefit of a High VG E Liquid?

E-liquid manufactures will use VG (Vegetable Glycerine) and PG (Propylene Glycol) in different ratios depending on how they want their juices to react when used. You should be able to view the VG/PG ratio on an e-liquids packaging. It’s typically expressed by two numbers, i.e. 80/20, 70/30, 50/50.

On rare occasions, a juice may contain only one carrier base. There are also other carrier bases available other than VG and PG, however, they are not widely used.

There is no right or wrong ratio of VG/PG; it’s all down to the vaping experience you want to have and what you look for in an e-liquid.

Put very simplistically PG is better at its job as a carrier base; typically the more PG is used in an e-liquid, the more flavour will be present in the vape. VG is a thicker, denser compound and produces higher levels of vapour. If you want big clouds, then the higher the VG levels in your juice, the more vapour should be produced.

Urban Sky High VG E Liquids (70 vg 30 pg)

The Urban Sky range is a 70 vg 30 pg blend, this means that 70% of the carrier base used is VG and the juices are designed to produce larger clouds.

Typically, high VG vape juice sacrifices flavour in the pursuit of big vapour production. At Red Vape we wanted to create a range of high VG juice that not only delivers on clouds but also packs a big flavour punch. To achieve this, we increased the concentrations of the natural flavourings we used. This means we’ve packed in more flavour, so even with a high level of VG, you still get the full taste sensation that you’d expect from Red Vape.

We hope you enjoy this new range; we’d love you hear your feedback and comments on the juices which you can leave by clicking ‘write a review’ on the product page.

Home to the UK's Luxury e-Liquid brand. Manufactured with the highest quality natural ingredients, crafted in Britain using a complex manufacturing process to create an e-Liquid range that is unrivalled for satisfaction and vaping experience.
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