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A blended tobacco e-Liquid from our guest range Whitewood.

Whitewood use only the finest naturally derived tobacco from the Dominican Republic and blend this with Virginia tobacco. All tobacco flavourings are carefully extracted from real tobacco leaves to ensure they taste like the real thing and not artificial lab made flavours. 

Dominican tobaccos are world renowned for their taste and character and the country now produces more tobacco than any other. Widely used in the production of cigars, Dominican tobacco varieties range in taste from mild to full flavoured and bold.

Virginia tobacco, also known as Brighleaf,  is a lighter, milder variety first cultivated in the mid-18th century to meet the changing demands of the American smoker. 

The combination of these two tobacco varieties creates a wonderfully balanced liquid that is full of flavour. If you enjoy vaping but miss the taste of real tobacco then this is an e-Liquid you need to try.

 To cater for different vaping preferences this tobacco flavoured e-Liquid is available in 6mg, 12mg and 18mg nicotine strengths.

All Whitewood products are a 60/40 PG/VG mix and contain only pharmaceutical grade nicotine.

Tasting Notes

A full flavoured, complex and rich tobacco liquid that delivers on taste and provides a solid throat hit.

Size 10ml
PG/VG Ratio 60/40
Ingredients Propylene Glycol USP/EP Vegetable Glycerine USP/EP Natural Tobacco Flavourings Nicotine USP/EP %

Only got this liquid as it had 50% off and for the price I though what the hell. Started vaping it three days ago and its much better than I expected. For the price it definitely punches above it's weight. The tobacco is nicely rounded with no bitterness or nasty chemical aftertaste. I'm ordering three more bottles whilst the offer is on.


Added this to my order as a little extra when buying my usual Red Vape liquid of choice Appleleaf. I generally only go for top quality liquids like RV or Black Note as tried loads of cheaper tobacco liquids in the past and not liked any of them. This one is a pleasant surprise. It's a nice full flavour and their is no bitterness or artificial chemical aftertaste. A solid liquid that I'll be back to try again.

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Guest Liquids  Whitewood Vape 

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  • Volume: 10 ml
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