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Our exclusive range of zero nicotine e-liquids has been developed to offer you the same great flavours as you’re used to from our standard juices but with 0mg nicotine.

Zero Nicotine Angel Berry 15ml

Zero Nicotine Angel Berry 15ml

Our Zero Nicotine Angel Berry e-liquids is a delicate blend of natural raspberry, dewberry and blueb..


Zero Nicotine Appleleaf 30ml

Zero Nicotine Appleleaf 30ml

A luxurious zero nicotine apple tobacco e-liquid combining natural tobacco flavourings, which are de..


Zero Nicotine Cherryleaf 30ml

Zero Nicotine Cherryleaf 30ml

Our zero nicotine cherry tobacco e-liquid uses natural tobacco flavourings from the Dominican Republ..


Zero Nicotine Strawberry Fusion 15ml

Zero Nicotine Strawberry Fusion 15ml

Our zero nicotine Strawberry e-liquid uses luscious, fresh hand-picked strawberries blended with the..


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Zero Nicotine E-Liquids

If you are looking for a zero nicotine juice then chances are you’re well on your way to successfully weaning yourself off cigarettes. Our 0mg vape juice is designed to help you continue that journey by offering you our most popular flavours to choose from.

The zero range of e-liquids combines seven great tasting flavours taken from our Reserva and Premium ranges. For those that enjoy tobacco juices, we have the delicious Appleleaf and Cherryleaf Reserva blends. From the premium range, you’re spoilt for choice with Noble Mint, Trinity Crème, Noir Orange, Angel Berry and Strawberry fusion to pick from.

All seven flavours are presented in the classic Red Vape glass bottle. The Reserva zero nicotine liquids come in 30ml bottles whilst the four premiums are in the 15ml size.

As with all Red Vape products, our zero 0mg vape juice is expertly blended using only the very finest ingredients right here in the UK. We never compromise on quality and we have used all of our e-liquid making experience to ensure these juices meet our exacting standards.

0mg Vape Juice – Is It for You?

The vast majority of people who vape are former smokers. The main reasons for people taking up vaping, are to either quit totally or to use vaping as a healthier option than smoking. 

For those vapers who do want to quit, it seems natural that 0mg vape juice should be a step along the path towards a smoke-free life. For seasoned smokers, a steady, gradual reduction in e-liquid nicotine levels is a sensible approach with numerous benefits. However, it needs to be done in the right way to avoid other potential side effects.

Switching to Zero Nicotine E-Liquids

Zero Nicotine e-liquids contain 0mg of Nicotine; this means that no nicotine is present in the e-liquid.  A large number of e-liquids are now available in this format, and at Red Vape we supply seven delicious flavours. 

Zero Nicotine e-liquids tend to taste slightly different from those that contain nicotine. 

Nicotine can give a peppery undertone to an e-liquid flavour profile so when you remove it, the flavourings generally become a little more prominent.

If you’re a smoker or have recently switched to vaping it’s not advised to go straight for a 0mg vape juice. Without nicotine being present in your juice the chances of reverting to traditional cigarettes greatly increase. Smokers are used to the ‘nicotine hit’. 0mg juice will not provide this, and the vaping experience will, therefore, be unsatisfying. Complete removal of nicotine can also cause withdrawal symptoms such as headaches, anxiety or depression. 

If your goal is to quit smoking and also wean yourself off nicotine, it’s highly recommended to make this a gradual process. Visit your local vape shop to explain your goals. They can provide advice on the best nicotine levels to start with based on how many traditional cigarettes you smoked. Once you’ve found your starting level, you can then steadily decrease over time. Studies have shown that trying to reduce too quickly typically leads to people vaping more to get their nicotine hit. The key is taking your time and having the patience to slowly reduce your nicotine levels.

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