Our UK-made premium e-liquid uses only the finest natural ingredients to produce a collection of exciting flavours. Sourcing our ingredients from around the world and taking inspiration from classic flavour combinations, the premium e-liquid range really does have a liquid to suit all tastes.

Finest Quality UK-Made Premium E-Liquid

The premium e-liquid collection is available in nicotine strengths 3mg, 6mg and 12mg. They are presented in 10ml bottles and are created to the highest possible standards in our state-of-the-art e-liquid production facilities in Nottinghamshire. All e-liquids in our Premium Collection are fully TPD compliant, and we are happy to provide more details should you require them.

For vapers who enjoy fruit notes in their e-liquid, we have Strawberry Fusion, inspired by the classic dish of strawberries and cream. Or why not try Angel Berry, a refreshing blend of summer berries with a hint of mint.

Those with a sweeter palate will appreciate the rich flavours of our Trinity Crème, an indulgent e-juice perfect for an after-dinner vape.

For mint lovers, we have the hugely popular Noble Mint, which uses spearmint mixed with berries to create a refreshing all-day vape. And last, but by no means least, Regal Mint is a delicious sweet menthol and is the newest addition to our Premium Collection.

If you can’t decide which flavour to choose, why not try the Premium Collection pack? The collection pack contains all five of our delicious premium e-liquid flavours, allowing you to sample them all and select your favourite. By choosing the collection pack, you’ll also save 15% when compared with buying all five flavours individually.

The Definitive Guide to Premium E-Liquid

In the vaping industry, the term “premium” is often used to describe e-liquids. But what exactly does “premium” mean, and why should you consider investing in premium e-liquids? In this comprehensive guide, we delve into the world of premium e-liquids, exploring their benefits, differences from regular vape juices, and why they are a worthy investment for any vaper.

Before we delve into the specifics of premium e-liquids, it’s essential to understand the basic components of any e-liquid or vape juice. Every e-liquid, whether premium or standard, contains the following ingredients:

Nicotine: This is an optional ingredient, with some e-liquids being nicotine-free. Nicotine strength varies depending on the product.

Flavourings: These give the e-liquid its distinct taste. They can be food-grade or pharmaceutical-grade.

Propylene Glycol (PG): This is a colourless, odourless liquid which carries flavour in the vape juice. It also provides the throat hit experienced by vapers.

Vegetable Glycerine (VG): This is a thick, sweet liquid that produces the vapour in e-liquids. It affects the amount of vapour produced and is often responsible for the sweetness in the vape juice.

Water: This is an optional ingredient in some e-liquids.

The quality of these ingredients and the ratio in which they’re combined can significantly affect the vaping experience. This is where premium e-liquids come into the picture.

Premium e-liquids are a class of vape juices that stand out due to their superior quality, flavour and overall vaping experience. They are made with high-quality ingredients and follow rigorous manufacturing processes to ensure an unmatched vaping experience.

Defining Traits of Premium E-Liquids

Premium e-liquids are set apart from regular vape juices by several distinct characteristics:

Quality Ingredients: These e-liquids are made using the highest quality ingredients, including food-grade flavourings, high-quality VG/PG, and pharmaceutical-grade nicotine.

Strict Manufacturing Process: Premium e-liquids are produced under rigorous quality control standards in clean, well-maintained facilities. This ensures consistency in taste and flavour.

Superior Flavour Profile: Premium e-liquids are renowned for their rich and complex flavours. They offer an exceptional balance of ingredients, resulting in a unique and superior taste.

Now that we understand what premium e-liquids are, let’s delve into the reasons why they’re a worthy investment for any vaper.

High-Quality Ingredients

One of the significant differences between premium and regular e-liquids is the quality of the ingredients. Premium e-liquids use high-quality ingredients like food-grade flavourings, quality VG/PG, and pharmaceutical-grade nicotine. This results in a more authentic taste and a smoother, more satisfying vaping experience.

Absence of Contaminants and Toxins

Premium e-liquids are produced in clean, well-maintained facilities under strict quality control measures. This ensures that they are free from contamination and toxins, offering a safer vaping experience.

Pure Nicotine Content

Unlike cheaper e-liquids that may skimp on the quality of nicotine, premium e-liquids use pure nicotine in their formulas. This ensures a satisfying vape experience, especially for vapers looking to replicate the nicotine hit they get from traditional cigarettes.

Smooth and Rich Flavours

The flavours in premium e-liquids are often steeped, similar to how fine wines are fermented. This process allows for the release of all the unique flavours in the vape juice, resulting in a smoother and richer taste.

A Wide Range of Flavours

Premium e-liquids offer a vast array of unique and exciting flavours. From the classic crème brulee to menthol, exotic fruits and delicious dessert flavours, the options are endless.

The quality of the e-liquid you use significantly impacts your vaping experience. From the flavour and aroma to the throat hit and the amount of vapour produced, the quality of your e-liquid influences every aspect of your vape session.

Flavour and Aroma

The quality of the ingredients used in an e-liquid directly affects its flavour and aroma. Premium e-liquids, with their high-quality ingredients and meticulous manufacturing processes, offer a superior flavour and aroma that can elevate your vaping experience.

Throat Hit

The throat hit refers to the sensation you get in the back of your throat when you inhale the vapour. The quality of the e-liquid, particularly the level and quality of nicotine, can significantly affect this sensation. Premium e-liquids, with their pure nicotine content, provide a smoother and more satisfying throat hit.

Vapour Production

The amount of vapour produced when you exhale is another aspect of vaping that can be influenced by the quality of the e-liquid. High-quality VG/PG ratios in premium e-liquids contribute to abundant and satisfying vapour production.

When it comes to selecting a premium e-liquid, various factors come into play. These include personal preferences like flavour, nicotine strength, and VG/PG ratios, as well as factors like pricing and brand reputation.


The flavour is often the first thing vapers look for when choosing an e-liquid. With the wide array of flavours offered by premium e-liquids, you’re sure to find a flavour that suits your preferences. Whether you prefer classic tobacco or menthol flavours or want to experiment with exotic fruit or dessert flavours, premium e-liquids have got you covered.

Nicotine Strength

The nicotine strength you choose depends on your nicotine preferences and needs. If you’re a heavy smoker looking to switch to vaping, you might need a higher nicotine strength. On the other hand, if you’re a light smoker or non-smoker, lower nicotine strengths or even nicotine-free options might be more suitable. Premium e-liquids often offer a range of nicotine strengths to cater to different needs.

VG/PG Ratio

The VG/PG ratio in an e-liquid affects the throat hit and the amount of vapour produced. A higher VG ratio results in more vapour and a sweeter vape, while a higher PG ratio provides a better throat hit and carries the flavour more effectively. Your preferred vaping experience will dictate the VG/PG ratio that’s right for you.


While premium e-liquids are often more expensive than regular vape juices, they provide a superior vaping experience that’s worth the investment. Remember, the most expensive option might not necessarily be the best, but you generally get what you pay for.

Brand Reputation

When choosing a premium e-liquid, it’s crucial to consider the brand’s reputation. Renowned brands like Red Vape, the leading UK manufacturer of premium e-liquids, are known for their commitment to quality and consistency, ensuring an unmatched vaping experience with every product.

It’s also important to know how to spot a low-quality e-liquid to ensure you always make the best choice for your vaping needs. Here are some signs that you might be dealing with a substandard product:

Your vaping device gets damaged by the e-liquid.

Your e-liquid has a bad taste, or no otherwise unique or special taste.

Your e-liquid has a bad smell.

You can see separate particles in the liquid itself.

If you experience any of the above with your current e-liquid, it might be time to switch to a premium brand.

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