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A stunning Spearmint e-liquid and a must for mint lovers. Noble Mint is our leading fresh mint e-liquid and a top seller from the Red Vape premium e-liquid collection. We start with natural spearmint extract, also known as Menta Spicata. This is then expertly blended with Swedish Lingonberry and natural Redcurrant extract, which add a delicious sweetness with the slightest sour edge to the juice.

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Menta Spicata or Spearmint is grown extensively in Europe and Asia but can be found in most regions of the planet in some form. It has a generally sweet flavour providing a cool refreshing feeling in the mouth. Not to be confused with Peppermint, which has a much bolder and stronger menthol taste, spearmint offers a more subtle mint experience.

Swedish Lingonberry grows in the wild and ripens between August and September. They are used extensively in Swedish cuisine and have a natural bitterness which, when coupled with sweeter flavours, provides a beautiful sweet and sour balance. The Lingonberry works incredibly well when paired with Redcurrants and Spearmint, as we have done in our Noble Mint.

Our Noble Mint e-liquid is available in 3mg, 6mg and 12mg nicotine strengths.

Noble Mint Spearmint E-Liquid – Tasting Notes

A lovely and subtle Spearmint e-liquid with fruit berry flavour coming through on the exhale. Not too sweet, this refreshing e-liquid can be enjoyed throughout the day.

Nicotine Strength

3mg/ml (0.3%) Nicotine, 6mg/ml (0.6%) Nicotine, 12mg/ml (1.2%) Nicotine





PG/VG Ratio


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    A real pleasure to vape, I was concerned it might be to intense as many other menthol liquids are but not the case with this one. A smooth mint and a subtle (but not to subtle) fruity taste. I’ve tried a few of the Red Vape range but think this one might be my new fave. 5 Stars!

  2. Profile Pictureadmin


    Mmmmmm I like this, refreshing subtle mint flavour with some fruity flavours coming through. I can see this being on my fave list for a while to come.

  3. Profile Pictureadmin


    Love this juice, not like most other methols I’ve tried. This one is a lot more subtle and lacks that menthol kick that some other liquids give you. There’s a nice fruit flavour in there but I can’t tell you what type. A real good ADV.

  4. Profile Pictureadmin


    Quit smoking around 5 months ago and never actually smoked menthol’s but have been looking for a ADV that is lighter and more refreshing. I tried lots of sweeter style liquids and several tobaccos but don’t find I enjoy them all day. My mate recommended Nobel Mint and I’ve been using the 6mg for three weeks now. I can’t compare against a proper menthol cig but as a juice it’s perfect for me. It’s refreshing and smooth and I can happily puff away all day.

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    Bought Noble Mint for the first time along with my usual order of shade and havano gold. Been looking for a ‘fresh’ vape for while to give me the occasional break from tobacco’s. It’s a subtle liquid, initially you get the fruit flavours and then at the end the mint starts to come through. It’s really easy to vape and leaves you with a nice fresh long lasting flavour.

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    Delicious fresh vaping experience with a lovely fruity aftertaste.

  7. Profile Pictureadmin

    Joel A

    I’ve been vaping Noble Mint for around 3 years on and off and it’s one of a handful of liquids I keep coming back to again and again. It’s such an easy liquid to vape and leaves your mouth feeling fresh .

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    High quality fresh mint eliquid with fruity undertones. Really easy to vape, not like any other mint juice I’ve tried.

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