Tobacco E-Liquids


Our Reserva collection is an exquisite range of Naturally Extracted Tobacco E-Liquids (NET). At Red Vape, we pride ourselves on being tobacco specialists, and each liquid in this collection has been lovingly crafted around some of the world’s finest tobaccos.


As with all our e-liquids, the Reserva range uses only naturally produced flavours and extracts. We add nothing artificial to any of our products, and all Nicotine used is of pharmaceutical grade. Our manufacturing processes ensure that the flavour profile of each tobacco used is perfectly captured in our liquids.

The Reserva range of naturally extracted tobacco e-liquids are available in nicotine strengths 3mg, 6mg, 12mg and 18mg and 50/50 pg vg ratio. They are presented in 10ml child and tamperproof bottles and are all available for next-day delivery if your order is placed with us by 3 pm. All e-liquids in our Reserva collection are fully TPD compliant, and we are happy to provide more details should you require them.


Brightleaf “Virginia” Tobacco
A lighter, milder tobacco grown in Suffolk, USA. Used in our Gran Reserva Imperious XV and Honeywood e-liquid.

Corojo Tobacco
Developed in Cuba and now grown in Honduras and the USA. Corojo has been Used extensively in Cigar wrappers and has a unique spicy taste. We use this variety in our Appleleaf and Havano Gold e-liquids.

Perique tobacco
A strong and powerful taste widely used as pipe tobacco. This tobacco is so good we named an e-liquid after it.

Shade Tobacco
Also known as Connecticut shade due to the fact it is only grown in the Connecticut River valley, widely used in wrapping some of the world’s finest cigars. Our Shade e-liquid is one of our most popular flavours.

Criollo Tobacco
A lighter, milder tobacco with peppery undertones and a pleasant sweetness. It is used in our Havano Dark e-liquid.

Mapacho Tobacco
Also known as Nicotiana Rustica, Mapacho is a very potent and powerful tobacco that has been used in medicine for nearly 3000 years. Mapacho e-liquid is a new addition to the reserve range and already regarded as one of the very finest.

Dokha Tobacco
A middle-eastern tobacco variety known for its spicy undertones. Traditionally, Dokha tobacco leaves are finely chopped and shredded and mixed with a blend of herbs. The mixture is then smoked using a pipe known as a Medwakh. Our Medwakh e-liquid is a stunning new flavour in the Reserva range.

What are Naturally Extracted Tobacco E-Liquids?


Naturally extracted tobacco’ refers to the process by which the tobacco flavours or essence is removed (extracted) from the tobacco leaf. There are various ways of achieving this, but at Red Vape, we use a process called proprietary cold maceration as it is the best-known method of extracting the true essence of the tobacco flavour.

A similar process is used in the production of certain types of wine, such as Burgundy, as winemakers believe it produces a more vibrant and fuller flavour.

The result is an extremely flavourful extract.

The extracted flavours are very close to the botanical tobacco leaf taste. So we must be very careful in selecting mature leaves from our chosen tobacco varieties to achieve the perfect authentic taste.

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