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Our Perique tobacco e-liquid blend uses the distinctive Perique tobacco grown exclusively on one small piece of land near New Orleans, Louisiana. The liquid is steeped to give the liquid a subtle vanilla caramel note.

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Perique tobacco is perhaps the strongest variety in terms of flavour and is considered by some to be the truffle of pipe tobaccos. Due to its powerful flavour, it is never used on its own but instead blended with milder varieties, such as Brightleaf, to provide spice and strength to the blend.

Perique gets its distinctive flavour from the barrel fermentation process that Louisiana settlers learnt in the 18th and 19th centuries from the local Choctaw and Chickasaws Native American tribes. These tribes had been producing Perique for over a thousand years, and it was  Pierre Chenet who learnt the process and developed it along with more Western production techniques.

The tobacco plants are harvested when the leaves are a dark, rich green colour and the plant itself is 24-30 inches in height. After harvesting, they are hung in curing barns until the leaves are dry but still supple. The leaves are then rolled into “torquettes” and placed in whisky oak barrels under giant jackscrews, which keep the tobacco under constant pressure. Every few months, workers take all the leaves out, put the bottom ones on top and press them back under the screws. The entire curing process takes more than a year. The result is a powerful experience, with fans describing Perique as spicy, earthy and rich.

Our Perique tobacco e-liquid uses naturally extracted tobacco (NET) and is available in 3mg, 6mg, 12mg and 18mg nicotine strengths.

Perique Tobacco E-Liquid – Tasting Notes

A complex liquid with subtle notes of caramel and vanilla. You may also pick up on slight liquorice and malty undertones. Perique is a powerful tobacco with a distinctive flavour, and users can expect this to come through fully in our e-liquid. One for those with a broad experience of tobacco.

Nicotine Strength

3mg/ml (0.3%) Nicotine, 6mg/ml (0.6%) Nicotine, 12mg/ml (1.2%) Nicotine, 18mg/ml (1.8%) Nicotine





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  1. Profile Pictureadmin


    Another quality e-liquid from Red Vape.

  2. Profile Pictureadmin


    The best tobacco e-liquid I’ve tasted, superb

  3. Profile Pictureadmin


    This juice packs a punch, might not be for everyone as it is a very strong and rich tobacco flavour but if that’s your thing then this juice is worth a try.

  4. Profile Pictureadmin


    WOW, I’ve been waiting to try the Perique for a while after giving the Shade a try last time. I loved the shade but this might just top it. It’s an eliquid for tobacco lovers and is definitely powerful as the tasting notes say. Top stuff Red Vape and thanks for the sweets.

  5. Profile Pictureadmin


    My favourite liquid, this is an incredible tobacco flavour that gets better with age. It’s a strong taste so if you’re new to tobacco’s or like something light then this probably isn’t for you.

  6. Profile Pictureadmin


    This juice has quite a strong throat hit at 12mg but amazing rich tobacco flavour; quality e-liquid

  7. Profile Pictureadmin


    Yes it is a strong tobacco. However, the flavour is not harsh and the subtle notes help balance the vape. If you enjoy tobacco flavours you will love this.
    Rich and tasty, this is a perfect choice for those trying to stop smoking cigarettes.
    Red Vape’s customer service was exemplary. My order arrived within a day of placing it.

  8. Profile Pictureadmin


    This is the best tobacco liquid available (and I’ve tried a lot). Great taste, not too strong for me, although I love tobacco’s so rarely find one that is too strong. Pleasant aftertaste with none of the nastiness you can get with some liquids. Love it! Going to order my Christmas supplies now.

  9. Profile Pictureadmin


    I’ve been vaping Red Vapes tobacco juices for 2 years so thought I should finally leave a review. I regularly vape Havano Dark and Shade but Perique is my favourite. The depth of flavours in this juice is awesome, it’s a rich, powerful tobacco that is as close to a cigar as I’ve found in a vape. Can’t recommend highly enough.

  10. Profile Pictureadmin


    I’ve tried all the Red Vape NET’s and none of them disappoint. Superb taste, nice and strong and coils don’t gunk up as they do with the artificial tobacco’s.

  11. Profile Pictureadmin


    Best tobacco liquid on the market

  12. Profile Pictureadmin


    Exquisite e-liquid! Goes really well with a decent single malt whisky.
    My Aspire Tigon coil lasts forever with this juice.

  13. Profile Pictureadmin

    Martin Goodyear

    It’s about time I done a review i have been vaping this wonderful vape juice for some years now I have tried so many tobacco blended flavours over the years this one is by far indisputably the finest on the market I would like to thank you all all at red vape including Neil the founder for a second to none professional service

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    On the inhale strong nuttiness rounded with very very light vanilla/caramel like notes on the exhale earthiness and a faintly caramel and then natural tobacco sweetness.
    It’s amazingly close to what some artificial RY4’s try to mimic but without the cloying added industrial sweeteners.
    I Vape many NET’s didn’t come across to such.
    Overall beautiful complex tobacco but not too strong,a must have in the NET rotation.

  15. Profile Pictureadmin


    Top Tobacco liquid, satisfyingly smooth with a pleasant aftertaste. It may cost more than your average tobacco but this juice is far from average and worth every penny.

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