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Our Havano Dark uses natural tobacco flavourings (NET) which are derived from the Dominican Criollo variety. The result is a cigar-like taste that is unmatched for taste and quality.

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Criollo tobacco has historically been used in the making of cigars and is regarded as one of the original Cuban tobaccos dating back as far as Christopher Columbus. Mainly used for cigar wrapping, it has, in more recent times, been reduced to filter use only as the Corojo variety was found to be more suitable for wrapping purposes.

Criollo, pronounced ‘cree-oy-yo’, actually means native seed and the variety is sometimes called Havana Seed. There are a number of different versions of the tobacco across Cuba, Honduras, Dominican and Nicaragua, but it is not entirely clear if all varieties stem from the original Cuban seed.

The Dominican variety is a lighter, milder tobacco with a peppery note and a slight sweetness.

Our Havano Dark NET tobacco e-liquid is available in 3mg, 6mg, 12mg and 18mg nicotine strengths.

Havano Dark Criollo Tobacco E-Liquid – Tasting Notes

A true cigar flavour that is smooth to vape. Those with a sensitive palate may pick up subtle peppery notes as well as a hint of cocoa and nuts. A long-lasting and pleasant aftertaste.

Nicotine Strength

3mg/ml (0.3%) Nicotine, 6mg/ml (0.6%) Nicotine, 12mg/ml (1.2%) Nicotine, 18mg/ml (1.8%) Nicotine





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    I’ve tried loads of tobacco liquids and most, especially the cheaper ones from China, taste artificial and aren’t worth bothering with. The Havano dark is the best tobacco juice I’ve tried by far, the taste is subtle and smooth and a real pleasure to vape. If you’re looking for a day to day tobacco then this is ideal.

  2. Profile Pictureadmin


    Like the last reviewer I’ve been looking for a really good tobacco liquid for ages. I’ve tried loads of NTE’s from other brands and although they taste better than the artifical liquids they still have a slight chemical after taste which is not pleasant and ruins the vape for me. The Havano Dark (and the havano gold) both taste as close to real cigars as I’ve experienced. There is no nasty after taste and no bitterness. Can’t recommend this liquid highly enough.

  3. Profile Pictureadmin


    Best tobacco juice I’ve tried (and I’ve tried a lot), smooth vape, good throat hit. You can’t go wrong with this one.

  4. Profile Pictureadmin

    Steve sykes

    I’ve been put off tobacco vapes in the past as none of them have actually tasted anything like tobacco and always had a disgusting chemical after taste. Then I was introduced to this stuff, and oh boy! This stuff tastes and smells just like a really cigar. It has a very subtle sweetness and just the right amount of throat hit (I get 6mg nicotine). It’s extremely smooth and rich to vape. I have found my all day vape for sure. You can tell they use real tobacco extract. I got very sick of sweet flavours but gave in on finding a decent tobacco juice, so many thanks for producing this exquisite liquid! Absolutely sensational.

  5. Profile Pictureadmin


    A perfect all day vape if you like tobacco’s. This juice has a full and rich flavour with a good throat hit. Their is slight sweetness and also that peppery undertone you’d expect from a cigar. A high quality e-liquid that you’ll keep coming back to.

  6. Profile Pictureadmin


    I have tried a few of the ‘lighter’ tobacco -flavoured juices by Red Vape and have found them to be the most authentic tobacco substitutes available.
    I can now say that since trying this range of juices I have no desire to smoke cigarettes. Which, for me, is extraordinary. I have tried a number of tobacco – flavoured juices and have found that they are just too harsh.
    Irrespective of strength.
    I was apprehensive about trying this juice, not being much of a cigar smoker.
    My concern was mistaken. Despite being the dark Havano, this proved to be another first class juice. A smooth, flavourful vape . Absolutely no problem vaping this all day.
    Every juice I have tried from Red Vape has provided a smooth, authentic, subtle (this is the difference) flavour which is unparallelled.

  7. Profile Pictureadmin


    Ok – initially I wasn’t sure about this one. It has a very unique flavour. But now a week or so down the line, I’m really, really, really liking it. It’s just so different to any other tobacco flavour. Very good !

  8. Profile Pictureadmin


    My goodness, but this is a lovely, smooth tobacco taste but subtly deep on the in and exhale – where a hint of peppery sweetness delights the ol’ palate. Very nice throat hit at 12mg. A rich and dare I say, sophisticated MtL vape. I am very impressed. I could go a long way into my day with this. Now I can’t wait to try the Perique I just ordered 🙂

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