Havano Gold – Corojo Tobacco E-Liquid


Havano gold Corojo tobacco e-liquid is an expertly blended combination of two naturally extracted Corojo tobaccos. We take naturally derived Cuban Corojo and mix this with South Honduran pure Corojo from the famous Jamastran Valley.

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Corojo tobacco is widely used in the production of Cuban cigars and was extensively used as a wrapper for much of the 20th century. A susceptibility to disease has led cigar makers to look elsewhere for more hardy tobacco varieties in recent times. However, it was Corojo’s peppery notes that gave Cuban cigars their spicy punch and helped make them so highly regarded around the world.

The Jamastran Valley in Honduras is now the only location where you will find pure, original Corojo grown. Hybrid varieties that are more resistant to disease have been developed and are widely grown in Cuba and the USA.

Our Havano Gold Tobacco e-liquid is available in 3mg, 6mg, 12mg and 18mg nicotine strengths.

Havano Gold Corojo Tobacco E-Liquid – Tasting Notes

An elegant smooth vape for the tobacco purist. Havano Gold delivers a good throat hit and has a slight sweetness on the exhale. Peppery notes from the Corojo tobacco come through to offer a cigar-like vaping experience.

Nicotine Strength

3mg/ml (0.3%) Nicotine, 6mg/ml (0.6%) Nicotine, 12mg/ml (1.2%) Nicotine, 18mg/ml (1.8%) Nicotine





PG/VG Ratio


  1. Profile Pictureadmin

    Malcolm G

    I’m pretty new to vaping and have been looking for a good tobacco liquid for a while, most of the ones I’ve tried so far have tasted synthetic. A friend suggested I try the Havano Gold and he was spot on. This is the first tobacco liquid I’ve ever tried that actually tastes like real tobacco. I got a good throat hit similar to my cigarette days. I’ve ordered another bottle and am also giving the havano dark a whirl in the hope it’s as good.

  2. Profile Pictureadmin


    A nice tobacco liquid, I tried the RV Reserva range previously (Perique and Appleleaf) and this one doesn’t quite match up. The Havano vapes well and has a good throat hit.

  3. Profile Pictureadmin


    A good solid tobacco vape, nice throat hit and tastes like real tobacco. I would recommend this to others.

  4. Profile Pictureadmin

    Andrew G

    Love it, finally a tobacco vape that tastes of tobacco. I tried the 12mg this time, good throat hit and smooth vape.

    Thanks for the free sweets in my order Red Vape!

  5. Profile Pictureadmin


    Top draw tobacco vape. Real flavour that you only get in NET’s.

    A very rich cloud and very rich flavour.

    Love it.

  6. Profile Pictureadmin


    Fantastic tobacco liquid and good price for an NET. I’m still fairly new to vaping and am looking for a tobacco liquid to replace my cigarettes. The Havano Gold has a good throat hit and slight sweetness on the exhale, it’s subtle but it makes this a really solid all round vape. I recommend this anyone who is looking for a tobacco blend, it’s not overpowering and is suitable for newbies like me.

  7. Profile Pictureadmin


    Really authentic tobacco flavour. I like to switch between this and the Havano Dark most of the time. Spot on as always from Red Vape!

  8. Profile Pictureadmin


    A really good well priced tobacco juice. A smooth vape which you can use all day.

  9. Profile Pictureadmin


    This was part of my first Order. Excellent tobacco flavour . Very smooth and a fine all day vape choice.
    I was getting tired of banana and cookie juices and this is an ideal alternative for those who still sometimes crave cigarettes and cigars.
    The Order arrived very quickly, was well-packaged and contained some free sweets.
    Excellent service.

  10. Profile Pictureadmin


    This is one of the most authentic tobacco liquids I’ve tried. I generally only vape NET’s and like most people started with Black Note. I still use a few of their juices but Red Vape and Havano Gold in particular are something special.

  11. Profile Pictureadmin


    As close as I’ve found to a real cigar taste in a vape. I am a regular user of both the Havano Gold and Havano Dark and really enjoy switching between the two. The gold provides a smoother and slightly sweeter vape, whereas I find the Dark has a stronger, almost nutty taste. For me, the gold just edges it if I had to pick one, but I don’t so I recommend you buy and enjoy both!!

  12. Profile Pictureadmin


    I’ve tried 50+ tobacco juices (including the other RV flavours) and Havano Gold stands head and shoulders above them all.

  13. Profile Pictureadmin


    The best tobacco e-liquid on the market. Red Vape is the only brand I’ve found that produce liquids that actually taste like tobacco.

  14. Profile Pictureadmin


    I just tried and I became simply enthusiastic. I want to applause. It is something so smooth and fine that I could not think that exist! Excellent done RED VAPE! Your friend forever.

  15. Profile Pictureadmin

    Rosie H

    Great, light tobacco liquid. Easy to vape all day, good throat hit and nice, slightly sweet, aftertaste. Only rating 4/5 as it’s not my fave RV liquid.

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