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Our UK Made Premium E-Liquids use only the finest natural ingredients to produce a collection of exciting flavours. Sourcing our ingredients from around the world and taking inspiration from classic flavour combinations the premium e-liquid range really does have a liquid to suit all tastes.



The Angel Berry E-Liquid from our hugely popular premium e-liquid collection. We expertly blend toge..




A stunning Spearmint E-Liquid and a must for mint lovers. Noble Mint is our leading fresh mint e-Liq..




Red Vapes Strawberry E-Liquid is our take on the British classic of strawberries and cream. Strawber..




A dessert blend with few rivals and a real ‘Must Try’ from our premium e-liquid range. Trinity ..




The newest addition to the Red Vape premium e-liquid range, Regal Mint is a smooth, sweet and hugely..




Our premium e-liquid range is handcrafted in the UK. Each one of the five delicious juices has been ..


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Finest Quality UK Made Premium E-Liquids

For vapers who enjoy fruit notes in their e-liquid, we have Strawberry Fusion, inspired by the classic dish of strawberries and cream. Or why not try Angel Berry, a refreshing blend of summer berries with a hint of mint.

Those with a sweeter palate will appreciate the rich flavours of our Trinity Crème, an indulgent e-juice perfect for an after dinner vape.

For mint Lovers, we have the hugely popular Noble Mint which uses spearmint mixed with berries to create a refreshing all day vape. And last, buy my no means least, Regal Mint is a delicious sweet menthol and is the newest addition to our Premium Collection.

The premium e-liquid range is available in nicotine strengths 3mg, 6mg and 12mg depending on your preference. They are presented in 10ml bottles and are created to the highest possible standards in state of the art e-liquid production facilities. All e-liquids in our Premium Collection are fully TPD compliant, and we are happy to provide more details should you require them.

If you can't make up your mind on which flavour to choose why not try and Premium Sample Pack. The sample pack contains all five of our delicious premium flavours allowing you to give them all a try. By choosing the sample pack you'll also save 20% when compared with buying all five flavours individually. Simply pick your preferred nicotine strength and we'll send your sample pack by first class post.

Creating The Perfect Premium E-Liquids

Many e-juice brands claim to be ‘Premium’, but very few take the time and effort to deliver a truly premium product. 

If an e-liquid is made properly it should contain only four key components;

Propylene Glycol (PG)

Vegetable Glycerine (VG)

Food Flavourings


The carrier bases, PG and VG, are fairly standard with all e-liquids essentially using the same or very similar product. The same is true of Nicotine, although this obviously doesn’t apply for Zero Nicotine e-liquids.

What sets e-liquid apart is the flavourings they use;

Flavourings make up approximately 10-20% of the e-juice mixture, and as we know, liquids containing virtually every flavour imaginable are available to buy. The flavourings used should be food grade and will already be widely used in areas such as baking or sweet production.

Flavourings tend to fall into three categories;

Natural Flavourings - Are from plant or animal raw material and are used in and are used either in their natural state or are processed for human consumption.

Nature-Identical Flavourings - Must be extracted from natural materials and cannot be created through the use of chemicals. This type of flavourings has the same chemical compounds as natural flavours, but they can be synthesised chemically from whatever is the cheapest and easiest source.

Artificial Flavouring – As you would imagine artificial flavourings are created in laboratories to imitate or enhance natural flavours.

premium e-liquids

The vast majority of e-liquid manufacturers use artificial or nature identical flavourings. At Red Vape we do things differently. Every e-liquid we produce is made using only the very finest natural ingredients

The use of these carefully selected natural flavourings coupled with our state of the art production facilities guarantees that the quality of our premium e-liquids is consistently high.

Home to the UK's Luxury e-Liquid brand. Manufactured with the highest quality natural ingredients, crafted in Britain using a complex manufacturing process to create an e-Liquid range that is unrivalled for satisfaction and vaping experience.
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United Kingdom

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